So-called love-scammers are looking for their victims on facebook and dating services.

There, they search for victims, which they pretend initially interested in a partnership.

If the victim bitten once and embarked on a long distance relationship via chat and email are always more demands for money, which will be mostly transferred via Western Union to Africa.

Alleged reasons for the sudden need for cash are often alleged illness, burst operations, arrests and corruption payments, attorney fees, customs fees, airline tickets and so on.

The perpetrators are working with fake identities and pictures which they have stolen from the internet and now abusive use of fake profiles.

There are variants of the „man seeking woman“ and „woman seeking man“ in this type of fraud to partnership and love

Behind this lies the perpetrators of organized crime, the so-called Nigeria Connection.

If a victim noticed that it is deceived the gangsters mostly try a change in tactics and try the alleged victim with an inheritance or if all else fails, to decoy them with job opportunities as „payment-agents“ who have to cash fake ore stolen cheques and to arrange for cash payments.

Certainty whether a relationship is genuine or whether you have been misled by an impostor:

You may find advice and help at relevant self-help forums or (if you prefer to remain anonymous and do not want to register in forums) the internet detective who specializes in research on the Nigerian Connection. The detective is able to scan the internet for matches of pictures which the alleged scammer has sent to you and for re-checking of documents (passports or the like) to find out if such docs are fakes

Special knowledge has Mathias Kindt-Hopffer who had many appearances on German TV as an expert on the Nigerian Connection

Contact with the detective on his website:

or by phone:   0049-69-69524691



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