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  6. Peggy sagt:

    I have been scammed by a nice and handy guy named „Johnnie Walker“. Anybody on the board with same experiences ?


  7. Osvaldo sagt:

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  8. si sagt:

    I would like to share here some conversations I had with a person who tried to scam, and he revealed his really identity and some information about this matter…


    Xxxx, You are such a nice woman, Honestly you are every man dream woman and i hope you can find the right man, Perfect man that will spend his rest of his life with you, I want you to now that i lied to you.. That picture was not me, I know you may not want to chat with me again after reading this,. But i don’t care.. You don’t deserve my lies, So i am telling you the truth now, Becareful and take good care of your self…. If you want to know the real me then i will give you more details, But i doubt that you will want to know me

    Xxxx, Like i said.. You need to becareful, 60% of all men on all those dating site are all scammers, But i can help you as long as you let me know who ever you meet on the site, If possible i will ask you to get out of those site, I am a very honest and sincare man, That’s why i am telling you this, I shouldn’t have tell you this, But you are reall a nice woman, Well my real name is not Larry and i have never been to Germany, I am from Africa But the truth about it is that i was in England when i first started contacting you on the site, Maybe if you have time tomorrow then we can chat more better on Skype if better with you. I know you will hate me but i am going to be honest with you and tell you everything without any more lies

    By Skype:

    [6/2/2012 10:16:57 PM]
    Me (Ich): Tell me, from which country are you?
    Yes, I already read it
    Thank you for your sincerity
    Larry Philip: Oh Okay
    Larry Philip: I am originally from Africa…
    Me (Ich): From which country?
    I am interested
    Maybe you can help me
    Larry Philip: You welcome…. You deserve it.. U don’t deserve my lies but the truth… And i am sorry that i lied to you in the first place
    Larry Philip: Oh yes maybe….
    Me (Ich): It is ok. I think the most important, you tell me the truth
    From wich country are you?
    Larry Philip: Yes and now i feel like i am a free man
    Larry Philip: I am from Nigeria
    Me (Ich): Oh,
    I had the hope you are from Ghana
    Because the man I told you, I sent money, he is in Ghana right now
    He told me he is from USA, a Secret Agent from the government
    But the American Embassy told me, he doesn’t work for them
    And there is any citizen with his name, date and place of birth
    The police here, didn’t help me
    Larry Philip: Xxxxx his a scammer ok
    Me (Ich): : He sent me his passport
    But I found out it was false
    Larry Philip: Yes
    Larry Philip: Everything he told you was all lies
    Me (Ich): I think, I don’t have any hope to get back my money
    Larry Philip: Any man that never show his self on cam is not honest man
    Me (Ich): That is the big problem
    He has showed me
    But I don’t know if that is a video
    Larry Philip: Yes…
    Me (Ich): it is possible to use video instead a cam?
    Larry Philip: Yes its so possible
    Larry Philip: Are you still talking with him?
    Me (Ich): Yes
    Larry Philip: I wish i am in Ganna then i would have love to help you
    Me (Ich): Because I am trying to see, how I get back my money
    Larry Philip: Have he asked you for more money?
    Me (Ich): it is a pitty
    Larry Philip: Okay and what did you told him?
    Me (Ich): He told me a very estrange history
    I told him, I don’t have the money he ask
    Larry Philip: Okay
    Larry Philip: Promise me that you will never send him money again?
    Me (Ich): He has showing himself two times by the cam. Was the same person
    I don’t really know, how they get the video
    Larry Philip: Like how many minutes did he show you on cam?
    Me (Ich): Good question
    I think, not too long
    Larry Philip: Yes
    Me (Ich): The first time, he told me it was conections problems
    Larry Philip: Yes.. He can’t show you more than 5 mins
    Me (Ich): The second time, he told me he has to quit, because they colleges are coming, and it is prohibit to show themselves, because they are Secret Agent
    I was very ungry, because the police here didn’t want to do something
    First, they told me there is any German Embassy in Ghana, but that is not true.
    I found all information in the Web

    Me (Ich): Which are your real name?
    Larry Philip: Once again Xxxxx.. I am sorry for liying to you
    Larry Philip: I am a good man with a good heart
    Larry Philip: T……
    Me (Ich): Your name is T……?
    Larry Philip: Yes
    Me (Ich): ok
    Larry Philip: And my real age is 31 years old so i know that you can never date me because i am too young for you.. But i will still be your friend
    Me (Ich): 😀
    Larry Philip: I am glad you laugh

    [03.06.2012 10:42:16] Larry Philip: Ok
    [03.06.2012 10:42:32] Larry Philip: wow… Scammers don’t work alone… I am leting you know this
    [03.06.2012 10:42:50] Larry Philip: One can be in Gana and some can be in England some can even be in Germany
    [03.06.2012 10:43:03] Me (Ich): Yes, they are all over.
    [03.06.2012 10:43:43] Me (Ich): I wanted to ask you, how do you register to that Dating Site?
    [03.06.2012 10:43:59] Me (Ich): I am interested to know
    [03.06.2012 10:44:09] Larry Philip: hahahaha
    [03.06.2012 10:44:17] Larry Philip: Ok.. I am going to tell you….
    [03.06.2012 10:44:40] Larry Philip: You can get a German account from google then you register and then use it to pay for it
    [03.06.2012 10:45:03] Me (Ich): Yes, that is easy
    [03.06.2012 10:45:10] Me (Ich): But did you pay for that Dating Site?
    [03.06.2012 10:45:50] Larry Philip: Oh nope.. That was a free
    [03.06.2012 10:46:00] Larry Philip: But i can pay for any dating site if i want to
    [03.06.2012 10:46:27] Me (Ich): That one, where we know each other, is a little secure
    [03.06.2012 10:46:55] Me (Ich): There were another scamers too. But the Site didn’t let contact me
    [03.06.2012 10:47:05] Me (Ich): You had luck
    [03.06.2012 10:47:31] Me (Ich): But one of the things I find a little strange was, I didn’t see you afterwards. They blocked you there.
    [03.06.2012 10:47:52] Me (Ich): In my profil, I read you that
    [03.06.2012 10:48:39] Larry Philip: Yes you are right.. My profile was blocked… The must powerful daying site in German is Friendskout i think and i can register there if i want to
    [03.06.2012 10:48:50] Larry Philip: Yes i had luck to contacted you
    [03.06.2012 10:49:25] Me (Ich): Yes, Friendscout is the worst
    [03.06.2012 10:49:31] Me (Ich): Do you know?
    [03.06.2012 10:49:50] Me (Ich): Since I got scamed I wrote to some blogs about that problem
    [03.06.2012 10:50:06] Larry Philip: Yes i know… There is alot od scammers on that site.. More than the one i met you
    [03.06.2012 10:50:10] Me (Ich): After me, wrote some women with the same case as I
    [03.06.2012 10:50:35] Me (Ich): I felt really sad, to read some histories, worst than mine
    [03.06.2012 10:50:35] Larry Philip: I don’t chat with any woman.. Just you
    [03.06.2012 10:50:45] Me (Ich): why?
    [03.06.2012 10:51:25] Me (Ich): you can do it with other ones if you want
    [03.06.2012 10:51:46] Me (Ich): I wanted to ask you too..
    [03.06.2012 10:52:01] Me (Ich): do you know german, or did you use a translator?
    [03.06.2012 10:52:41] Larry Philip: I don’t know German at all.. I used translator
    [03.06.2012 10:53:00] Larry Philip: No scammers does.. They all use translator
    [03.06.2012 10:53:16] Larry Philip: I can only speak English and my other lanaguage here in Nigeria

    [03.06.2012 10:59:01] Larry Philip: I want you to know that i have never scamm anyone.. I am new.. Maybe that’s why i am telling you all this truth…

    [03.06.2012 11:00:16] Me (Ich): What do you do? I mean profesion?
    [03.06.2012 11:01:16] Larry Philip: I work as a xxxxxxxxx here in Nigeria….
    [03.06.2012 11:01:42] Larry Philip: And i am as well running a part time studying business management…

    [03.06.2012 11:04:21] Me (Ich): how do you got the pictures of „Larry“?
    [03.06.2012 11:04:32] Me (Ich): *did you get
    [03.06.2012 11:04:49] Larry Philip: You know myspace or Tagge?
    [03.06.2012 11:06:01] Me (Ich): yes, I know
    [03.06.2012 11:06:15] Me (Ich): But I never was there
    [03.06.2012 11:06:30] Larry Philip: Yes…
    [03.06.2012 11:06:47] Larry Philip: You can get as many pictures as you want from all over the world
    [03.06.2012 11:07:06] Me (Ich): interesting
    [03.06.2012 11:07:19] Larry Philip: Yes so inetresting
    [03.06.2012 11:07:59] Me (Ich): One time, a friend’s son helped me finding out a false photos of a scammer
    [03.06.2012 11:08:24] Me (Ich): I knew there were not normal photos. They were from a model
    [03.06.2012 11:09:23] Me (Ich): I sent to you by mail, the chat I had with „Micheal“, the scammer who I sent money
    [03.06.2012 11:09:54] Larry Philip: If you are on myspace or tagge and you have alot of pictures on their.. Then they can use your pictures to scamm people in Germany.. But it will have to be male
    [03.06.2012 11:10:13] Larry Philip: Ok.. That will be nice
    [03.06.2012 11:10:43] Me (Ich): I wanted to ask you too… how do you know all this things about scammers?
    [03.06.2012 11:12:16] Larry Philip: A friend introduced into it
    [03.06.2012 11:12:30] Me (Ich): A scammer?
    [03.06.2012 11:14:55] Larry Philip: Yes and he live in Egypt
    [03.06.2012 11:15:26] Me (Ich): He is from Egypt or from Nigeria?
    [03.06.2012 11:16:40] Larry Philip: His from Nigeria… But he live in Egypt now for over 5 years…
    [03.06.2012 11:17:15] Me (Ich): I wrote you I wrote my case in blogs here in internet…
    [03.06.2012 11:17:32] Me (Ich): after me wrote some other women telling similar case as I
    [03.06.2012 11:17:58] Me (Ich): It was very sad to read what they told, because some of them lost almost all their money
    [03.06.2012 11:18:16] Me (Ich): and now they don’t have any money for living
    [03.06.2012 11:18:32] Larry Philip: I know and i am sorry about this.. I feel so sad for what have happened to you
    [03.06.2012 11:18:47] Larry Philip: Now i am sad for telling you this…..
    [03.06.2012 11:18:54] Me (Ich): But some of those women don’t have any hope now
    [03.06.2012 11:19:44] Me (Ich): They are in psychlogical treatment

    Tell me which other things have told your friend from Egypt
    [03.06.2012 21:19:59] Larry Philip: I have never tell him anything about you
    [03.06.2012 21:20:07] Larry Philip: I have never tell anyone about you…..
    [03.06.2012 21:20:29] Me (Ich): I mean, how he scams others
    [03.06.2012 21:22:07] Larry Philip: Xxxx don’t worry about that.. I am not going to do this again.. I promise you
    [03.06.2012 21:22:52] Me (Ich): No, I mean your friend, the advices he gave to you, how he could make it
    [03.06.2012 21:23:21] Me (Ich): If you don’t care I would like to collect all information as I can
    [03.06.2012 21:23:53] Me (Ich): I will never give your name, but I would like to write about that by the web.
    [03.06.2012 21:24:17] Me (Ich): People must know about this. I don’t want people get scam
    [03.06.2012 21:24:38] Me (Ich): I already read sad histories, as I told you before
    [03.06.2012 21:24:50] Larry Philip: Ok
    [03.06.2012 21:24:56] Larry Philip: On which web?
    [03.06.2012 21:25:09] Me (Ich): A friend will show me how to make blogs
    [03.06.2012 21:25:14] Larry Philip: You can do whatever you want to do.. I am not doing this again
    [03.06.2012 21:25:29] Me (Ich): I already know some, I have already wrote my history. Other women too
    [03.06.2012 21:25:53] Me (Ich): Yes, you told me. But, you promise me give me advices
    [03.06.2012 21:26:12] Me (Ich): Ok, I already have experience about this
    [03.06.2012 21:26:31] Me (Ich): And as you know, I talked to many people too,
    [03.06.2012 21:26:42] Me (Ich): some of them, the American Embassy and the Police
    [03.06.2012 21:27:12] Larry Philip: Okay
    [03.06.2012 21:27:26] Me (Ich): What I am surprised is not so many people knows the scamers are in that Dating Site
    [03.06.2012 21:27:44] Larry Philip: You know i should not have told you everything i told you.. Even with my real name and i sent you my pic

    [09.06.2012 20:13:25] Me (Ich): I wanted to ask you, if you didn’t like I ask so many question about scammers
    [09.06.2012 20:15:22] Larry Philip: Its ok.. I know you have been hurt by him so you have every right to ask me those questions
    [09.06.2012 20:16:05] Me (Ich): But, I am very curious knowing about everything
    [09.06.2012 20:16:51] Larry Philip: What else do you want to know
    [09.06.2012 20:17:15] Larry Philip: I have already told you everything.. I want you to know that i my self don’t alot about it
    [09.06.2012 20:19:34] Me (Ich): I don’t know, if you know where the scammers can get a video from someone and show to a men or a woman
    [09.06.2012 20:19:42] Me (Ich): as a chat
    [09.06.2012 20:21:27] Larry Philip: Oh i don’t know about that
    [09.06.2012 20:21:36] Me (Ich): 🙁
    [09.06.2012 20:21:52] Larry Philip: Are you letting that man lie to you again that its a real webcam?
    [09.06.2012 20:22:24] Me (Ich): I would like to know, how the scammers can do that
    [09.06.2012 20:23:35] Me (Ich): I wonder myself how in my case could get the same photos and the same video of the same man
    [09.06.2012 20:25:29] Larry Philip: You are leeting him comfused you again… right?
    [09.06.2012 20:25:42] Me (Ich): No. I tell you…
    [09.06.2012 20:26:01] Me (Ich): Some people haver report in the web that kind of problems…
    [09.06.2012 20:26:24] Me (Ich): some people here in Germany make investigation about this
    [09.06.2012 20:26:36] Me (Ich): I put one comment about my problem
    [09.06.2012 20:26:54] Me (Ich): since I made my comments, many other women posted they histories too
    [09.06.2012 20:27:04] Larry Philip: Ok

    [09.06.2012 20:28:00] Me (Ich): Why did you register to that Date Site?
    [09.06.2012 20:30:45] Larry Philip: Hmmmmmmmmm
    [09.06.2012 20:30:55] Larry Philip: I though you know
    [09.06.2012 20:31:04] Me (Ich): No
    [09.06.2012 20:31:24] Me (Ich): That time I knew you as „Larry Philp“
    [09.06.2012 20:31:36] Me (Ich): Larry wanted to find a partner
    [09.06.2012 20:31:54] Me (Ich): For me Larry is another person
    [09.06.2012 20:33:51] Larry Philip: Well i think you know Xxxxx
    [09.06.2012 20:34:29] Me (Ich): Did you want to find some too?
    [09.06.2012 20:36:04] Larry Philip: Did i want to find what?
    [09.06.2012 20:36:44] Larry Philip: Xxxxx.. I was on there because i wanted to scamm as well.. Like i told you it was my first time and i think i like you and everything you told me about your self…
    [09.06.2012 20:37:09] Larry Philip: Maybe i was wrong… Scammers never have feeling for anyone.. which i do
    [09.06.2012 20:38:10] Me (Ich): Yes, that is what I read about scammers. They don’t have any feeling for others
    [09.06.2012 20:39:58] Larry Philip: Yes…
    [09.06.2012 20:40:06] Larry Philip: I could not do it

    [09.06.2012 21:02:40] Me (Ich): Why did you give up continuing being „Larry“?
    [09.06.2012 21:03:25] Larry Philip: You know that’s not my real name
    [09.06.2012 21:04:11] Me (Ich): Do you what I mean?
    [09.06.2012 21:04:37] Me (Ich): „Larry“ is the scammer
    [09.06.2012 21:05:00] Me (Ich): You told me, you wanted to scam someone, but you changed your mind
    [09.06.2012 21:05:50] Larry Philip: Yes that’s right
    [09.06.2012 21:06:05] Me (Ich): Why you changed your mind?
    [09.06.2012 21:06:20] Me (Ich): Why you didn’t try it?
    [09.06.2012 21:09:00] Larry Philip: Well maybe cus i jave never do it before..
    [09.06.2012 21:09:10] Larry Philip: And you seem like a nice woman to me.. You don’t deserve it
    [09.06.2012 21:09:27] Me (Ich): Thank you very much
    [09.06.2012 21:09:43] Me (Ich): And I tell you… never do that
    [09.06.2012 21:09:46] Me (Ich): NEVER
    [09.06.2012 21:10:38] Larry Philip: Yes i know
    [09.06.2012 21:10:40] Larry Philip: Thank you too
    [09.06.2012 21:10:44] Me (Ich): People who proceed bad, finish bad
    [09.06.2012 21:11:22] Me (Ich): and money which comes from bad business, it goes in the same way
    [09.06.2012 21:11:25] Me (Ich): believe me

    That is how scammers work.
    Best regards,

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